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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  March 12, 2010 6:00pm-6:25pm EST

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pin, right? >> he does. no question about that. but it's still a viable option if it proves to be completely unpopular the way that republicans think it's going to be. >> really quickly, on this ethics issue, did john ensign take advantage of any shot that republicans had of this? >> i think that ethics are bad for democrats. i think they are bad for all congressmen. people want to drain the swamp and don't like politicians no matter who they are. >> i'm going to have to stop you there. chris matthews returns on monday at 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. eastern. right now it's time for "the ed show" with ed schultz. good evening, americans, welcome to "the ed show." these stories are hitting my hot button. just who is responsible for killing the public option? nancy pelosi says it's dead just a day after senator diurbin sai
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he would nip it in the senate. the panel takes that on in rapid fire response tonight. and tiger woods is taking image advice from another bush kroni. and he would make the return to professional golf in less than a month. steven a. smith will take that on tonight later on in the show. first, the story that has us all, especially me fired up tonight, i tell you, it was a gut wrenching news day for progressives. nancy pelosi says she will not include a public option in the reconciliation bill. you mean after all of that work, all of this time, it's a no? what a gut shot to the liberal left and for the insurance
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industry bill. a lot of liberals, such as myself, feel like we've been backed into the corner watching barack obama, the president of the united states, cut a deal with the corporate boys. first it was wall street. and now it's the medical and insurance lobby. when will it stop? now what do we have? we have the blame game going on. you have senator dick durbin saying, you get me a public option and we'll get it going. but then over on the house side you say, nancy pelosi says, wait a minute. we had a public option and our bill we're not going to have any of this. so where is the white house at this crucial moment of decision as to whether or not we're going to have a public option in the reconciliation bill or not? now, i find it really ironic that this letter that is circulating around from senator
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bennett to senator reid asking for reconciliation, 41 senators have committed to it. and the white house is quiet now that nancy pelosi says that there will be a public option. i find it ironic that president bush won nine bush states and needs nine more signatures on a public option which polls in the majority, in every section of the country. if you were to ask every democrat in this country if you need a public option, they would say yes, except for conservatives over in the house who aren't quite sure if this is going to play well in their district. it's a primary fight that brought this whole thing to a head which all started in
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colorado. and the senate of the budget committee last summer he was saying we don't have the votes. it's not even his job to count the votes. but he was tasked by the white house to go get this co-open deal and work up the exchanges and that's what happened. max bauccus has been a thorn in our side. never made a statement on public option. he's one of 16 senators that have not signed onñi to it. i mean, it just -- for liberals -- for this bill sucks, i know that. and we are really going to have to take on a lot of guts to stand up and say, you know, this is the right thing to do. we've got to take this first step. i just keep thinking about what ted kennedy would do right now. the blame game going on is going on with the democrats. the fear game is being played by the republicans. here's nancy pelosi. she won't have anything of it when dick durbin says, you get me a public option over here and
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i'll whip it for you over in the senate. >> i'm not happening the senate, which didn't have a public option in its bill, put any of that on our door step. we had it, we wanted it, and it didn't have it. it's not in the reconciliation but has nothing whether we did innish ate it here. and now the senate can't get 50 signatures. they've got 41 commitments. so why don't you send nancy pelosi a letter over there and that's what nancy pelosi needs right now. it's a lot of political gamesmanship. folks, what are you thinking about this tonight? our text survey question is, do you think politicians think more
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about your health or getting re-elected? text a for your health and b for getting re-elected and what is taking over on the right, this is john boehner. this is what he has to say. >> their constituents have been local in telling them we don't want $500 billion in medicare cuts and new taxes. we don't want to -- this mandates on employers that may cost me my job and cost me my health care. it's a very dangerous proposal that they are putting forward to take the best health care system in the world democrats are hearing from their constituents.
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how do you know? and this is what is dangerous, folks. and double digit increases in your health insurance premiums, pre-existing conditions, that's pretty dangerous that determines whether you get insurance or not. getting dropped when you get sick. that's dangerous. mr. boehner, you've got it all wrong. let me bring in adam. good to have you with us i want to start with the white house what do you make of the fact that barack obama will not get the final nine signatures for
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the public option bill? >> the white house is consistently lacking on this. if they jumped on, that would be an incredible bonus there's not actually 41 signatures. there's 41 commitments. i want to you clarify that but if you're so close, who do you expect to sign on the final nine? >> in many cases people are on video or talked to a reporter and said, i support the public option. i support it we have been very conservative with our vote counting and and we can say with confidence that there are at least 51 votes for the public option in the senate if the house goes first.
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>> nalg sue put put is nod not going to go first unless she cease a paper where it's 51 or if there sa deal that was cut long ago that everybody said, yeah, we're going to talk about the public option but it's not going to happen basically, we've heard all day it being reported against us. but there are a lot of indications in the vote. kay, from north carolina, not on our list yet, said that she would support a public option. claire mccaskill told us on video four times she supports it. tom harkin on your show saying the only thing holding him back was whether the votes were there
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in the house. well, obviously if the house goes first and pass it is to a senate, he would be there. jay rockefeller said in his statement that everybody uses, he's against the public option and adamantly for the public option if the house pass it is and it goes there's no doubt he will be there. he e-mailed to his constituents and said, he's going to be there. he's for the public option. telling us that it's not make or break for him again, if the house pass it is and comes out to his vote, he's not going to be against it. that's tha brings us up to 47, ed. max baucus said, i'm only voting
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against it because i don't believe the votes exist but if the house passes it and it comes out to his vote tlashs no doubt that he will do what he's always done and vote for it they have been publicly on the record and kay saying, quote, i want to make sure that there are alternatives to the insurance companies and supported the p public option in the past. and number 51, robert berg, one of the ted kennedy's and there no s no way in he lchlll that h would pass comprehensive the house can say with confidence
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that the votes will be there in the senate. no doubt about it. >> okay. that is the latest and the best reporting that i have seen anywhere on a head count of the public option. we are really getting to it. you're challenging the house, telling the house just have the leap of faith and go first and put the public option in and we'll get it done. adam green, great to have you with us. we'll have you back again. joining me now is elija cummings. what's your response to that reporting tonight from that website bold progressives? >> you know, as much as i'd like to go along with that, i can fully understand where nancy pelosi is coming from. we've got to do it we he did it
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already and talking about this issue today, i can imagine what she's trying to say. her best chance of getting a piece of legislation through and what the parliamentary told us today is that we've got to pass a senate bill and then made changes to it through the up or down vote, 50 plus one. and so when you hear what the senators are saying, but they didn't send us a bill with the public option. we sent them one. but -- so, ed, as much as i want to, i want -- i want a single payer. i want public option and i think what nancy pelosi is saying, i have watched her, i have talked
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to her and i don't know how much we can depend. i heard what was just said and i'm not knocking them, but we've got to get a bill through. >> so there's absolutely no way at this point and that there could be any viable of the public option. videotapes, signatures, verbal commitments that would change the house member's mind. is this all about conservatives getting on board and getting some of the 39 who voted against the house bill the first time around? >> i think it probably is. it's easy for people to talk
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about trying to pull these together. you're talking about an extreme progressive but i also realize that it's not always about getting what we want but getting what we get. so i think what speaker pelosi is saying, rather than muddy the waters, to pass the senate bill and then do the up or down vote, some call it reconciliation, i call it 50 plus one. and get a bill. >> congressman, i know everybody wants a bill but the way this is going to play out is that the base is not being heard. the public option pulls in the majority all over the country and there's going to be a lot of questions that are going to have to be answered later on. >> sure, there are going to be questions. but the house is -- >> but if you've got the commitment, if you've got on
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record 50 and the 5th, that number keeps going, i don't know why you can't play it out for a few more days. congressman, great to have you with us. >> always a pleasure. always a pleasure. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, ed. coming up, my next guest may be the best hope to keep the in the and tiger woods may be back on the course for the masters. but we're hearing that he's hiring a bush spin mice sister. plus, herb blossom proud of waterboarding and friends gone to the dog. all of that and so much more coming up on msnbc. stay with us.
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competition fegs is is a great thing. the primary challenge is keeping arlen specter busy. blanche lincoln, having her feet held to the alter with the primary coming up and after getting a primary challenge from the left. bennett has always supported the public option. but he has stepped up getting 41 democratic senators to commit in
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writing, to voting for the public option if it comes up for a vote in reconciliation. joining me now is andrew, democratic candidate for the senate ticket in colorado. he's appointing for the in august. you were the house leader in colorado for four or five years. and is it your jumping into the primary that has forced the public option letter that we've been talking about now for weeks? what do you think? >> well, that's a good question, ed. certainly we saw a number of senators go back and forth to try to treat the public option as a multiple choice exam. i think you heard a lot of folks saying, we're all for the public option but we can live without it and vote for the bill even if it's not in there. that's not leadership and i think that we're having this debate now nearing the middle of march when the time to stand up
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and make a difference was back in december i'm happy that they are still alive. >> are you more of a progressive than senator bennett? >> it's hard to keep track of my opponent's position here. too many americans are paying too much for insurance that covers too little and too many don't have any coverage at all. you've done a really valuable service, ed, in pointing this out over the years and i've met too many people in this state losing their coverage and loved ones. i think sometimes what is at stake in this debate gets lost in washington, d.c. i'll give you one quick example. i met a man just the other day when i pointed out to him 45,000 americans are losing their lives because of this health care
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crisis. he said, i know one of them. and he handed me the owe bit rarely, had high blood pressure, couldn't afford the medicine that he needed to stay alive. he left his wife and children and grandchildren. >> you're polling very well in colorado. if bennett defeats you and goes up against jane norton, the polling is at 43%. they are going even at 43. and, of course, if we were to have you at 44% and 39%, that's how it looks right now if he were to win or should i say go up against norton. so you've got to feel pretty confident about this. >> we're going to win this race and the polling consistently says i am the strongest to hold the seat in november. this puts me ahead of every
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leading american in this race. if they want to hold the seat in november, they will nominate me and can start on tuesday night. coming up, the right wing network morning shows are pretty sick puppies. one of them in the dog house. and in psycho talk next. stay with us. ♪ (announcer) right now, all over the country,
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